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Kizuna Brotherhood Ranking System

Before becoming a Kizuna Brother, a martial artist is asked to apply to become a Kizuna Member. A Kizuna Member can then evolve to The Kizuna Brotherhood by completing one of the required criteria:


  • Nomination by ‘attachment’ to our founder - GM Colwell.


  • Nomination by ‘attachment’ to a Kizuna Knight.


  • Holder of the Kizuna Medal.


  • Nomination after one-year time served as a member.


If successful, when selected they will remain under probation Shatei (youngest brother) for one more year, before being considered for a permanent induction in to the full brotherhood ranking.


Each tier of Kizuna Brotherhood will have a different rank, each with its own identity. All INSIDE the purity of the Kizuna are bound to the brotherhood. All OUTSIDE the purity will remain the rank of member until proven.


After one year of membership, a Kizuna Member is able to apply for the position of a Kizuna Brother – rank of “Shatei” or youngest brother. Their application to go from becoming a member to a brother should be supported and will be judged on an individual basis during the meetings of the Kizuna Knights.


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