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Q + A

Questions that are regularly asked. Feel free to ask any other and I will post the reply.


  • If I introduce a new member does he/she  have to be a senior grade?

      All in Budo qualify, we encourage beginners in the hope we can           be a positive influence.


  • Can I use my rank in Kizuna as a title?

     Absolutely, we encourage all to use their title.


  • Will Kizuna form a panel of grading for Dan examinations.

     No, we are a brotherhood, we recognise all systems but govern             none.


  • Will Kizuna promote seminars and tournaments.

      Yes, using our pool of senior instructors both in the UK and                   Worldwide.


  • Can I use Kizuna for to help promote my own charity.

     Kizuna predominately support Marie Curie but we do actively              support others.    Providing our chairman Mr Andrew Colwell is            informed we will support any worthwhile charity.


  • Will Kizuna incorporate its own system?

      No we do not specify one particular system, nor are we one.

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