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An Introduction to The Kizuna Brotherhood


Our founding father wished to create a bond that crossed all boundaries. A bond that allows strangers to recognise a fellow Kizuna and feel no restrictions. Kizuna is beyond race, beyond religion, we are all brothers. Male or female, we are as one.

There are two stages:


  • The Kizuna Brotherhood - The golden thread that runs through true Budoka.


  • The Kizuna Membership - An examination for those who aspire to become a Kizuna Brother.


The requirements for brotherhood status are few but deeply meaningful.


  • Respect - Dignity - Honesty - Showing commitment to the true way of the Budoka.


All may enrol as a Kizuna Member. A Kizuna Member can then evolve to The Kizuna Brotherhood by completing one of the required criteria:


  1. Nomination by ‘attachment’ to our founder - GM Colwell.

  2. Nomination by ‘attachment’ to a Kizuna Knight.

  3. Holder of the Kizuna Medal.

  4. Nomination after one-year time served as a member.


Money cannot buy a ranking in the Brotherhood.


All nominations and membership requests will be authorised by The Kizuna Knights.


Once accepted, a Kizuna Brother attains the rank of Shatei (Youngest Brother) for five years. They then will progress through a time ranked system that is impossible to circumnavigate.


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