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Stone Setting

A tribute from Andrew Colwell - 28th August 2015


Today is 6 months to the day that my dad sadly passed away.

For those that do not know, my dad was Jewish - he recommitted to his faith about 12 years or so ago.


In line with religious protocols, we have now concluded the Stone Setting - today was that day.


It was a glorious day - the sun was shining down on him and us all. The following passage is what I read out at the graveside. I'd like to take the opportunity of thanking all who had the patience to listen.


Another milestone has been completed - more are to follow.


" Today is 6 months to the day that I held my dad in my arms as he slipped away.

In that period of time, it has been a time of reflection.

This morning I did an interview with Liverpool Museum - thinking about my dad, his life and what he meant to me - it was emotional. They say that you don't truly miss something until it is taken away from you. So true. I miss my dad every day.

He used to say 'Son, I know that I could have been a better dad to you'

I used to laugh it off at the time. Awkwardly. 'Of course not Dad, you are the best dad ever.'


Privately - I wished that he could be less grumpy with me - less curmudgeonly perhaps - and a bit more understanding that living in Yorkshire and working in London meant that I couldn't be in Woolton Village for all 7 days in the week!

But referring back to my original point about not missing something until you can't have it anymore.


I knew it then and I know it even more now.

I did have the best dad ever.

He was my rock, my confidante, my closest friend.

He was there for me at all turns in my life.

He had plenty of opportunities to judge me - but he never did.

He instilled in me the value of education and of constant learning.

He taught me the value of mental strength, being direct and in general terms not really caring one bit about what anybody else thought of you.

His actual quote was - "Fuck'em son"


My dad was my inspiration to me in so many ways - so it was relatively easy to write the inscription on his stone.


I'm certain that for many of you here today, he will have been your inspiration too x"

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