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Mr Syd Roberts  our new Ambassador 


On behalf of the Chairman of the Kizuna Brotherhood Mr Andrew Colwell I'm delighted to announce that The Kizuna now have a benefactor.

Syd Roberts Roberts - younger brother of our founder Ronnie Colwell - has very kindly offered to be a benefactor of The Kizuna.

This will mean that for all new Kizuna members - the usual joining fee of £25 will be reduced to £15. The difference of £10 will be funded by Syd - who will donate that money to The Marie Curie.

This is a very generous offer and one made with love and respect - and on behalf of Pete Woodrow McDowell Harris Jonas and Guy Keen I would like to offer my most sincerest of thanks.

The Kizuna is being run in the spirit of the legacy of GM Colwell - it's not for profit and in the true spirit of Martial Arts & Brotherhood. It's gestures like this, that honour the legacy in the right way.

In line with this generous donation we are please to announce that Syd will become Ambassador to the Kizuna the Kizuna Brotherhood. The title we have no doubt will place a smile on his brother GM Colwell. 

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