Kata - the root of basic power

When I formulated Narutake I wanted the three basic kata to emphasise power combined with effectiveness. With introducing the guard to all my kata one can say its revolutionary. Not so! The the guard is used in all aspects of fighting; be it in the gym, dojo, competition or outside. All styles have a guard so why should it not be part of kata which is, after all, the practice of fighting and movement?

Narutake ichi is a kata I practise more than any other. Why? Well it has all one needs, Speed, focus, timing, turns, impact, etc etc etc. Compliment it with emotion and you can truly lose yourself in a battle.

Boring? Prefer intricate moves with hidden secrets, spinning turns that immobilise people in an instant?

What does boring train – stronger mind-set! Ask an Olympian swimmer if they enjoy every length of the pool - no they enjoy the results of their toil. Boredom is for the weak minded.

Narutake – if possible.


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