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The 11th Old Way
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 It will be an honor to open to all, an insight of the most influential instruction he gave to me 'The Four Pillars'. After my third Dan examination, GM Colwell said to me ... “Physically you are at peak, now we go "inside".

Kanjō - Emotion

Ishi - Willpower

Hara - Tandem

Kime - Focus

This transformed my martial way. And so, I began a twenty-year period of solitary study... At the 11th Anniversary of GM Colwell’s Old Way, I will open the pillar of Ishi – (Willpower) to those who seek to begin their personal journey ‘inside’.

Part 1. Lecture on Ishi - Sensei Pete Woodrow McDowell

Part 2. Practical on Ishi - Sensie Pete Woodrow McDowell

Part 3. Q+A with the legend Sensei Terry O'Neill

An informal meal will be held on the evening, all are welcome. 

Pete Woodrow McDowell

9th Shakei Kizuna

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